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Self Awareness Podcast

Self awareness:


Columns of self awareness:

Can do both an internal exploration and get feedback from other people: 2 camera angles to see myself.

Figuring these out

Why make us more emotional, and focus on the problem. What help us be more rational and solution focused. Why traps us in the past; What helps us move forward. What not Why.

Why keeps going back to a childhood place, or some other past excuses. Look at the present, and figure out what can happen in the future. Stay away from the rabbit hole of rumination.

Journaling can be very effective if you don't write in it religiously: effective self reflective people find it valuable if they turn to it. Event based model of journaling. Have a balanced view of journaling to capture both feeling and what – don't focus too much on emotions, don't focus too much on rational part either. Middle ground between what is written and how often it's written.

Self aware people spend ~30% more time on social media: their posts are dramatically different. Enrich other people's lives: eg. nature photography, or sharing a hilarious article.

Dealing with feedback: keep circle of feedback very very small; between 3 and 5 people that you regularly ask for feedback. There are 2 main criteria:

Getting feedback

Dealing with unsolicited feedback

We're in-charge of how we do the feedback.

Build habits to improve self-awareness.