#+AUTHOR: Kunal Bhalla
#+EMAIL: bhalla.kunal@gmail.com

* An introduction to Panopticon
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:PUBDATE:  <2020-08-29 Sat 23:05>
Panopticon is a Python tracer I've written as an alternative to using
a debugger. Instead of manually stepping through code, I'd much rather
have a computer do it for me.

Since writing this post panopticon has evolved to include probes:
which can instrument code you might not have full control over. 

(I'd initially written this post as documentation, but ultimately
realized it's better suited as a post and I can do a much better job
of documentation within the project.)

* A brand new RSS feed appeared!
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:PUBDATE:  <2020-08-10 Mon 00:52>

This structure of this blog is almost completely maintained by hand: I
manually add entries to the index page, often going back to edit
existing posts, and several entries are perennial -- such as my Book
list, as well as the syntopical collections on different sets of

That makes it fairly tricky to automate an RSS feed: at the same time,
enough (4) people have directly reached out to request one. Instead of
spending a lot of time building automation that will will inevitably
frustrate me, I've decided to maintain it by hand instead (with ox-rss
for exports). That means that there aren't going to be any entries for
my older posts unless I happen to go back and significantly rewrite & update them. 

If you happen to be new -- welcome! -- and I hope you find the content
worth your time; and I'd love any feedback. A semi-curated selection:

On Emacs
- My writing setup
- Using Tmux with Emacs
- Building poet, my Emacs theme
- The configuration behind the blog
On Software engineering
- Metacognition on Debugging
- Always! include units
- A style guide for computational notebooks
- Using Python's =settrace= 

On Books
- Almost everything I've read for the past several years
  - Favorites from 2016
  - Favorites from 2017
- [Extremely rough] Books on thinking

Drop me a note by email or Twitter in case you have any advice,
comments or feedback!