<article> <p>I spend a <em>lot</em> of time working with timestamps in my professional life: mostly while digging through error logs across various languages or digging into raw data.</p> <p>Opening a terminal, copying a timestamp in and running some variant of a <code>date</code> command (that I always look up with <code>R</code>) is <em>annoying</em>.</p> <p>After spending a bit of time digging into various ways to get my hooks into OS X`s contextual menu, a simple python script in Automator seemed the best solution: you can <a href="http://explog.in/static/misc/Timestamp.zip">grab it here</a>. <p>Highlighting a timestamp and running the service shows a notification with a pretty printed date.</p> <img src="timestamp.png" /> <p>This requires <a href="https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pync">pync</a> installed to trigger notification center alerts for timestamps (just make sure you can <code>import pync</code> in the python interpreter).</p> <p>Install the workflow and assign a nice shortcut: I use <code>Ctrl + Shift + ;</code>, but then I use dvorak; YMMV.</p> </article>

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