#+TITLE: Redesigning Explog

I've been meaning to re-organize explog: particularly to be a better
repository for everything I've been learning. I've found past posts
very useful often enough to want to take (and share) notes more

To start with, I want significantly more flexible CSS and JS
support. After toying with the idea of simply moving to another build
system (pandoc, hugo immediately come to mind) I've decided to push
org-publish as far as I can take it. This post is running commentary
as I proceed.

Relevant emacs functions to start hunting:
- org-html-publish-to-html
- org-publish-project-alist
- org-publish-attachment
- org-publish

Features I would like to add
- The ability to use Tailwind without jumping through too many hoops.
- A significantly restructured home page, still curated manually.
- Some form of commenting, most likely with Utterances.
- Making sure that the site stays performant.
- Being a little less hacky; for example: extract out CSS files.

I currently publish the raw org files, static files, my dot emacs
configuration: the source and html files. Next steps are to
- stop using a global alist for publishing.
- rethink how I handle static resources.
- trigger npm after publishing css.
- create the column/document structure I'm looking for.
- make sure I maintain all published links.