#+TITLE: Python GDB

There's a significant amount of documentation of using GDB on the
Python wiki: but first, I need to get debug symbols for Python on Arch

* Getting debug symbols for Arch linux (abandoned)
The Arch Wiki has a lot of helpful documentation about this (as
expected), which recommends doing a custom package build:
#+begin_src sh
pacman -S asp # Get ASP to work with ABS
asp checkout python # Fetch the python PKGBUILD

cp -r python/repos/repo-x86_64/PKGBUILD python-dbg

Added options\=(debug !strip) to the file to retain debug symbols.  

Finally, to do makepkg I also had to download some dependencies (one
of which, deliciously, was GDB). I also had to accept the GPG key for
python, which is a slightly scary experience; I wonder if I could
simply have built my python checkout instead.

#+begin_src sh

Kicked off the actual build for python, which I expect to take some
time and a significant number of cycles. The compilation ultimately
failed with a failed ncurses test; and I can't say I'm excited about
debugging those. 

* Simply building python locally
Cloning and building python master was far simpler and more
convenient, nicely documented on the cpython devguide. 

#+begin_src sh
./configure --with-pydebug
make -j4

Building also generates the magical python-gdb.py file in the root
directory, which extends GDB's with python to pretty print
python. This is also conveniently documented in the devguide.

DebuggingWithGDB discusses how to actually run a python program under
#+begin_src sh
gdb python
run <program>.py

* The python-gdb.py extension

* Other references
** Py-spy looks fascinating, and might be something I want to play with.