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Kinesis Advantage Pro

Some customizations I like to do on my Kinesis Advantage.

Adding support for a Fn key


  • Remap the embedded insert key to the top layer (from the FAQ)
    • Switch on Keypad
    • Progrm + F12
    • Tap insert
    • Switch off Keypad
    • Pat insert
    • Progrm + F12
  • Use Karabiner Elements to map Insert to Fn.
  • Profit.

Why you might want to do this

I recently switched to using Terminal.app instead of iTerm because of better glyph support — particularly for Fira Code — and because it feels snappier. Terminal provides shortcuts for selecting and clicking links by pressing the Fn key at the same time.

Which doesn't exist on the Kinesis. Googling simply took me to Quora with a discouraging answer around how it's an internal laptop function and not a keycode so it can't be mapped.

I remembered the one wasted key on my keyboard: which by default prints a δ in Dvorak mode, realized it could be remapped to Insert — which is also something that Karabiner could capture and redirect.

Using Dvorak in Software


  • Make sure you're in Qwerty.
  • Remap keys like so
    • Progrm + F12
    • Tap = -> ]
    • Tap - -> [
    • Tap \ -> '
    • Tap ' -> -
    • Tap [ -> \
    • Tap ] -> +
    • Progrm + F12 again.

Why you might want to do this

I like to set the keyboard as Dvorak on my laptops so that typing normally also just works – but if you connect your Kinesis Advantage you don't need to switch keyboards anymore.

I also set Capslock to Ctrl and Right Command to Escape using Karabiner Elements to make life in Emacs & Evil easier.