On the Interaction of Color

As I1 read through Josef Albers' Interaction of Color I realized I could replace his choice of papers for color2 with some carefully applied javascript and a full screen web browser.

I've attempted to recreate the plates in the book to allow exploration without having to collect a lot of paper. I've found that attempting to reproduce the existing plates and just exploring values has been leading to a much better understanding of the point of the chapter (I think).

A warning: the plates rely on some Chrome/Webkit specific APIs — there's only so much time and I have things to do and places to be; none of which include cross browser javascript compatibility.

‘Color is the most relative medium in art’

‘Lighter and / or darker’


If you're curious why I would read this book — I know I like certain color combinations, but have a ridiculously hard time choosing them from scratch — and I hope to start developing an eye for color by working through this book. There’s a reason this blog is mostly black and white.


Out of deference to the author I've used color instead of colour throughout.

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