#+TITLE: expLog

Welcome to my experimental web log, which also happens to be half an
identity function.

* Notes
** forever Books
I read a lot, and have made several attempts to record books I've read
over the past several years. You can find the resulting detritus
** recent About
** 2017-11-24 Fn on Kinesis Advantage
** 2017-05-28 Building a binary for Android
** 2017-01-01 Selected books from 2016
** 2016-08-27 On the Interaction of Colorincomplete
** 2016-08-06 HTML to Org
** 2016-09-18 Setting up a new laptop
** 2016-07-15 Commands I wish I knew earlier
 ** 2013-06-17 Timestamps in Mac
 ** 2011-04-20 Interviewing at Facebook
 ** 2010-30-01 Hostel Collapses!

 * Projects
 ** Battery Metrics (part of my day job at Facebook)
 A library to instrument several proxy metrics that can be mapped to
 energy consumption on Android.
 ** Dot (files)
 A github repo for my emacs and tmux configurations.
 ** dot emacs
 I’ve switched over to a literate emacs configuration: here’s the
 pretty printed version.
 ** expLog
 The org-publish configuration that generates this site.
 ** Instagram
 I recently developed a fascination for photography: I frequently
 upload favourites here.
 ** Lectures on Digital Photography
 Assignment solution (ongoing).
 ** Keyboard Layouts
 Ergodox EZ layout and a pretty printing script.
 ** Defunct

 * Tech Talks
 ** Mobile Battery at Facebook
 A brief description of how we instrument battery consumption across
 Android & iOS — and where we open sourced the Battery Metrics library!
 ** Android Battery @ Facebook
 More focused on Android with a bit more detail — the video isn't
 available yet, as far as I know.